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UCalgary and Mitacs Internships

Skills internship

A skills internship focuses on supplemental skills you've developed as a graduate student. It doesn't need to be related to your research, although it can be. A skills internship helps you explore career options and gives you practical hands-on experience that will help you in your academic and professional career. UCalgary's My GradSkills supports internships and other opportunities designed to expose graduate students to meaningful career opportunities and help bridge the gap between academia and the workplace.

See Internships for graduate students for general information and to learn about the different types of internships available.

See Transformative Talent Internships for Graduate Students for eligibility and funding opportunities for internships, plus tips on how to find a great internship opportunity.

See Experiential Learning for even more opportunities.

Research internship

A research internship is usually related to your research, and gives you the opportunity to expand on the specialized skills you've developed in your studies. A research internship will complement your field of study. 

Mitacs Canada offers funding and support for research internships. Note that internships eligible for Mitacs funding are not eligible for Transformative Talent Internship funding.

Mitacs offers funding and support for internships via their Accelerate program for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. A Mitacs Accelerate internship will allow you to apply your skills in a non-academic environment and broaden your professional network while getting paid!

While not an internship program, Mitacs also offers funding and a research management training program for postdoctoral fellows via their Elevate program.