The Epilepsy team has collectively chosen to focus on the postictal period, the altered state of consciousness that immediately follows an epileptic seizure. The team of basic scientists and clinical researchers successfully obtained a Brain and Mental Health Strategic Research Fund grant and are working towards a clinical trial. The team has strong links to the Alberta Children’s Research Institute (ACHRI) and builds on their strengths in epilepsy and seizure disorders to develop a translational continuum from childhood through to adulthood; from bench to bedside to population health studies.

Epilepsy Team leaders:
Primary Lead – Dr. Paolo Federico 
Co-Lead – Dr. Morris Scantlebury

Epilepsy team members*:
Drs. Luis Bello-Espinosa, Jeffrey Buchhalter, Colin Dalton, Richard Dyck, Paolo Federico, Laura Flores-Sarnat, Bradley Goodyear, Walter Hader, Nathalie Jette, Colin Josephson, Deborah Kurrasch, Artur Luczak, Minh Dang Nguyen, Penny Pexman, Bruce Pike, Quentin Pittman, Andrea Protzner, John Rho, Harvey Sarnat, Morris Scantlebury, Yves Starreveld, G. Campbell Teskey, Chris Vasudevan, Samuel Wiebe 

Epilepsy team contact: 
Dr. Paolo Federico mpfederic@ucalgary.ca

*Names in bold are HBI Members